Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dealing with diabetes and swelling of feet*

Most patients suffering from diabetes complain of swelling in the feet and legs. The main reason for this problem is improper blood circulation due to damaged blood capillaries, as a result of increased pressure. Damaged capillaries can lead to peripheral oedema, leakage of fluids into surrounding tissues, which in turn causes swelling. But there can be several other reasons that could cause swelling in the feet. Therefore, proper diagnosis is important.
Poor circulation is also one of the reasons why wounds in diabetic patients don’t heal quickly. In fact, too many patients are faced with this scenario, since they take the issue way too lightly. It cannot be stressed too much; foot problems are common in people with diabetes, and can quickly become serious. They increase the risk of infections, and severe complications like foot ulcers and gangrene, that can even lead to limb amputation. That’s why you should not ignore even minor swelling in your feet. In most cases, when the swelling has just started, simple lifestyle changes can reduce it, and provide relief to a great extent.

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