Friday, May 19, 2017

Garcia’s job to bat for QRC

Ministers Cuffie, Garcia and Francis met recently with Queen’s Royal College (QRC) principal David Simon regarding the property to the west of QRC on Alexandra Street. The media report which followed needs clarification.
QRC is an iconic State-owned school. It is therefore the State’s responsibility not only to fund and manage QRC day-to-day, but to provide for its future growth and development. I see the Education Minister as representing the State’s ownership of QRC; he should be a visionary, formulating a grand education plan. Principal Simon is just an employee of the Education Ministry, reporting ultimately to Mr Garcia; yet the principal is being mandated to argue the QRC case to convince Mr Garcia—its “owner”—and ultimately the Cabinet.
Mr Garcia must recommend that the property be reserved for QRC.
It seems inappropriate for the Ministry of Public Administration to be challenged with evaluating this QRC claim, alongside other mundane land matters – including possibly waste disposal sites, box drains and community centres.
Any QRC matters requiring Cabinet approval or endorsement is for the Education Minister to advocate directly with his Cabinet colleagues.

Michael J Williams
via e-mail