Tuesday, September 19, 2017

'Serial car thief' killed by police

Shootout in Curepe

A ST AUGUSTINE man, who was described by police as a serial car thief, was shot and killed by officers on Saturday during a sting operation in Curepe to recover a vehicle that was reported stolen.
Dead is 28-year-old Clint “Papi” Ellis, of Macanta Trace, St John's Road. He was pronounced dead at hospital shortly after being taken there by the same officers with whom he had earlier engaged in a shootout.
Officers who were part of the operation said around 5.45 p.m. they were on patrol when they noticed Ellis lying in the back seat of a car which was driving along Sellier Street, Curepe. Based on this, the officers said they ordered the driver of the car to stop the vehicle, after which Ellis came out of the car, pointed a firearm in the direction of the officers and fled.
Police said they fired four shots at Ellis but he continued to run north onto Macau Street. While doing so, he dropped an ammunition magazine which contained seven rounds of ammunition. The officers continued to pursue Ellis who then jumped a fence and into someone's premises, turned around and opened fire on them. Police said they shot at Ellis four more times before he collapsed. None of the officers were injured.
He was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope where he was later pronounced dead. After the shootout, police said they recovered a .45 Magnum pistol loaded with nine rounds of ammunition which Ellis had in his possession.
Officers said they had been searching for Ellis for quite some time as he was suspected of being responsible for robbing a number of people at gunpoint in the Northern Division of their vehicles. Included in the exercise were Insp Powder, Cpl De Suzem, and PCs Lavia, Chootoo and Ramdeen.