Sunday, June 25, 2017

My client’s safety is assured

Marcia McLean

THE ATTORNEY for murder-accused Maricia McLean yesterday said he was assured that all measures have been put in place for the safety of his client while she is in prison charged with killing her four-year old stepdaughter, Jenice Figaro.

Subhas Panday said he spoke to a superintendent last Friday at the Women's Prison and was told they had “taken care of her safety”.

At McLean's court appearance last Friday, Panday had signalled his intention to write to the Prisons Commissioner concerning protection for his client. On that day Panday told the court, “having regard to the adverse pre-trial publicity” against McLean, he was unaware what would happen after she left the courtroom.

Yesterday he told the Express that the prison was contacted via telephone after McLean's court appearance last Friday and the assurance was given that she would be safe. “I was told that all measures have been put in place for her,” he said.

A petite McLean, 28, a mother of two, was charged indictably by PC Serioux that on November 24, 2016 at Corosal Road, Whiteland, she murdered Figaro.

The home-maker was jeered before and after she faced deputy chief magistrate Nannette Forde-John in the San Fernando court.

It was on December 22 that McLean was arrested by police. She was questioned and released two days later. McLean was rearrested last week Thursday and the murder charge was laid against her after instructions were given by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Panday said he was ready to begin the case and called for the prosecution to hand over documents. Forde-John said a State attorney will be appointed in the case.

The matter, in which Panday said he was instructed by attorneys Chantal Paul and Frank Gittens, was adjourned to February 3.




Initial reports made to police officers were that Jenice complained of stomach pains after eating French fries with ketchup and garlic sauce around 8.30 p.m. on November 24. Less than two hours later she had suffered a seizure and became unresponsive, police were told. Jenice, who was at the time at home with a female and the woman's two children who lived at the house for a year, was pronounced dead at hospital before midnight.

An autopsy later performed by pathologist Dr Eslyn McDonald-Burris found that the child died from blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen.