Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tourism: A Year Later*

wwob: Commentary

AFTER the September 2015 general election, Trinidad and Tobago’s newly elected Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley appointed one of his most vociferous candidates Ms Shamfa Cudjoe to head the Ministry of Tourism.
Minister Cudjoe after her appointment indicated her willingness to understand the industry with the support from her team of consultants in order to develop creative strategies for the industry.
Within the early part of 2016 the minister installed a standing committee to develop a Strategic and Sustainable Development Plan for Tourism chaired by Dr Acolla Lewis Cameron; and the other was to conduct a baseline survey by the research arm of the Ministry of Tourism.
This initial mandate spearheaded by the minister was the first step to developing a holistic plan.
Having said that, it was apparent that reports produced in 2011 delivered by the previous standing committees, at the cost to the State, were shelved.

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