Monday, June 19, 2017

Takaaful T&T’s membership grows

SPECIAL GIFT: Adeeb Ali, left, assistant manager of TTTFS, Manwar Ali, president, TTTFS, Salima Muradali and Raheemah Khan, marketing assistant of TTTFS. —Photo: Josh Ramlochansingh

“Takaaful T&T Friendly Society has had a humble beginning and it is a pleasure to see continuous growth throughout the years.”
This was the observation made by president Manwar Ali at the welcoming dinner for the 1900th member — Sister Salima Mohammed — at Takaaful’s office in Valsayn on January 5.
The close of 2016 saw Takaaful with the largest annual membership growth of one – 197 new members.
The society welcomed its 1900th member this month.
Ali reminded members that they form the core of the society and can play an active role by learning about the society through its fully operational website (; also by taking advantage of its products (Investment Fund, Hajj Fund, Property Ownership Fund, Funeral Benefit Scheme) and a growing Waqf (lasting charity) Fund.
These achievements are significant to the month of January — Founder’s Month which marks the foundation set by its pioneers and their continued efforts within 18 short years in the history of friendly societies in Trinidad and Tobago.
Radio and television programmes, meet-up sessions across the country and a dinner to be hosted on January 28 are some of the activities scheduled during the month.