Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Gang leader" held in Benz with three guns, say cops

...two other suspects detained after chase

A THIRTY-year-old man who police described as a major Laventille gang-leader was arrested in Arouca on Monday evening, in his Mercedes Benz, with three guns.

Two other men who accompanied the alleged gang leader that afternoon were also arrested.

Police said that at around 6 p.m. officers from the Northern Division Task Force were on mobile patrol along the Eastern Main Road in the Arouca area when they spotted a dark-grey coloured Mercedes Benz sedan being driven by the gang leader who lives at Marcarno Quarry, Laventille. Officers chased after the gang leader and within five minutes they had cornered him and instructed him to stop.

He and the two other men were ordered out of the Mercedes following which they were searched.

Other officers searched the car and found two Glock semi-automatic pistols plus a fully-automatic pistol. Each gun was fully loaded.

The three men were taken to the Arouca Police Station.