Thursday, May 18, 2017

Questions hang over purchase of luxury car*

Panmen waiting months for payment but...

2001 vehicle: The BMW X5 in the midst of the Pan Trinbago controversy.

WHILE panmen have been waiting for payment for the 2016 Panorama season totalling close to $8 million, they are complaining Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz has purchased a luxury BMW vehicle from the United Kingdom using the organisation's funds.
Over the last three months TV6 News and the Express have obtained documents such as MoneyGram transfers sent by Pan Trinbago to Brent Holder and Martha Grady in the UK amounting to thousands of dollars, a Pan Trinbago cheque, Customs documents and invoices as they pertain to the BMW X5, as well as e-mail exchanges and a plane ticket paid for by Pan Trinbago to help facilitate the seamless handover of the vehicle.


On December 28 last year at a City Hall meeting in Port of Spain, panmen sought answers from Diaz about the financial transparency of the organisation and its inability to pay outstanding money to them, even though Pan Trinbago had been given $30.8 million by the National Carnival Commission (NCC) for 2016 to handle its affairs which included paying the panmen.

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