Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ria Ramnarine for Boxing Hall of Fame

HALL OF FAME-BOUND: Ria Ramnarine.

Former local female boxing champion Ria Ramnarine has been inducted into the 2017 International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame.
Ramnarine follows in the steps of the late Jizelle Salandy, who was inducted in 2016.
Speaking to the Express recently, the former kickboxer-turned-pugilist said she was honoured by the gesture from the international community.
Coming from the small agricultural community in Couva, Ramnarine said: “I feel really privileged and honoured by this. It feels great to be an ambassador for my sport.”
Ria’s divisions were minimum weight and light flyweight. She was been nominated as Sportswoman of the year by the First Citizens Sports Foundation and has held the title of World International Boxing Federation (minimum weight) and Global Boxing Union (minimum weight title). She made her boxing debut in Port of Spain in 1999.
Ramnarine is also involved other contact sports, including muay thai, kickboxing, karate and ju-jitsu. The International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame recognises women who have pioneered in the field.