Monday, May 15, 2017

Full speed ahead*

IT took a two-day Cabinet retreat for the Prime Minister and his Ministerial colleagues to formulate some concrete proposals on moving the country forward.
Maybe the PM should summon such meetings more frequently.
Forgive us for being facetious on matters of this magnitude—stimulating the economy in a difficult time, and resuming or initiating public works projects that ground to an ominous halt following a change of administration in September 2015.
The “year of implementation” is long overdue.
The most important such project is the extension of the Solomon Hochoy Highway from San Fernando to Point Fortin.
There was consensus across the political divide and among the citizenry that the extension of the highway was necessary and important in connecting the new industrial frontier of La Brea and Point Fortin (Union Estate and Atlantic) with the rest of the country.
All agreed, too, that the extension would substantially reduce commuting time for thousands of residents of fast-expanding towns in Southwestern Trinidad, as well as business and other commuters who need to access those districts frequently.

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