Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Vendors reeling from tough 2016*

Fish vendor Rose Mohammed displays her catch at the market.

EVERY Friday for as long as he can remember, 78-year-old vendor “Pork Man”has travelled from his home in Duncan Village, San Fernando to the South city’s public market to sell meat.
On a good day, he would sell the meat from five pigs which he purchased wholesale from Erin Farms.
But those were the good old days.
Last year he bought only one pig or “two sides of a hog” to retail.
“Nobody is buying,” he told Express Business during a visit to the market last Friday.
The market, once the pride and joy of the city, is now a rundown structure filled with vendors struggling to survive financially.
Many are ready to pack up and give up.
“Pork man” is applying for his pension and will no longer be selling in the market.
“My mother used to sell pudding in the market so from my mother belly I selling.”

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