Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Give me my baby's body" wants funeral for child she never held

died after birth: Baby Brandon is placed in an incubator after a problematic birth at the San Fernando General Hospital last week.

THE MOTHER of Baby Brandon who died at the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) days after he was delivered, yesterday said she is still waiting to have her son's body from the San Fernando General Hospital to be able to have a funeral for him.

Adanna Hamilton said she has been at the SFGH for the past two days attempting to get a death certificate for her child.

She said yesterday: “I want to put my baby to rest but I have been put on pause… I need to get a death certificate to get a funeral done … I'm being told that I must sign a paper to do the autopsy. They said that since he died in the hospital they must do an autopsy at the hospital.”

Hamilton who has already queried the marks she saw over her son's eyes and on his foot after he died and the disparity in times of death she said she and the baby's father Don Millete were given, is however skeptical about an autopsy being done at the hospital. She said there may be a cover up at the institution as officials at the hospital are aware that she plans to take legal action. “They know it is going to go to court and they are telling me that I need to sign to do an autopsy.”

Hamilton, 32 of Claxton Bay believes that had the Caesarean section which was planned by doctors during her pregnancy been performed, the son she was expecting would be alive today. She said she had no complications during her pregnancy and having a Caesarean section was advised as her birth canal is narrow. Hamilton who has a nine-year-old son said she suffers from polycystic ovaries and was excited when her wait for another child was over. “I was unable to conceive and I did after nine years and look what happen … My child is not here.”

A distraught Adanna Hamilton, left, is consoled by her mother.

Last week Friday – hours before baby Brandon passed away - Hamilton told the Express that she went to SFGH on December 28 which was her clinic date. She said she was also in pain and was admitted onto the ward. The supervisor said she was told she was three centimetres dilated and a doctor said she could have a natural birth.

She said her son stayed in her birth canal for an hour and a half and forceps had to be used. He was unresponsive on delivery. She was later told he was bleeding from his brain and could not breathe on his own.

On Friday night she was told “he wasn't breathing and they gave him more oxygen but he kept relapsing. He didn't make it.”

Hamilton said she has since registered her baby at the relevant ministry. She however said her time at the hospital trying to get the death certificate to advance a funeral for her baby had left her frustrated. 

Chief Executive Office at the SFGH, Anil Gosine, said the institution will want to have a post mortem done to determine the reason for baby Brandon's death. “I'm hoping that she herself will want a post mortem so she will know exactly what went wrong.”

Gosine said he is unaware as to whether the autopsy can be done privately but he said Hamilton was told that it was “no problem at all” for her to have her doctor present as an independent observer. “We will do the post mortem in our mortuary. At the end of the day I did indicate to her that she can have her doctor come in when the post mortem is being done to overlook if there is any problems.”

Gosine said a preliminary report on baby Brandon's death was already done and submitted.