Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Second senior cop to be chopped

...Snr Supt Rajkumar told he made no significant contribution in 2016

Senior Superintendent Simbonath Rajmukar

FOR not making “any significant contribution towards the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service” in 2016, acting Senior Superintendent of the Inter-Agency Task Force, the country's acting Commissioner of Police has decided that Simbonath Rajkumar is to be chopped.

Rajkumar was served with a letter dated on Monday signed by acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams which showed increases in murders and kidnappings were in the three digit percentile.

In the letter Rajkumar was told that under section 74 (b) of the Police Service Act No 7 of 2006 that he should retire from the TTPS at the instance of Williams.

A similar letter was also served to acting Senior Superintendent of the Eastern Division John Trim on the same date.

“I have carefully observed that you have not made any significant contributions towards the Police Service improving its performance in 2016. You led the Northern Division for half of the year 2016 with that division achieving the following adverse results in comparing 2016 with 2015 performance”, the letter read.

The crime increase percentages were outlined to Rajkumar.

The figures showed that there was an increase of 250 per cent in kidnappings, 114 per cent in murders, 81 per cent in woundings and shootings, 61 per cent in burglaries and break-ins, 41 per cent in robberies, 36 per cent in larceny dwelling house, 32 per cent increase in serious crimes, and three per cent increase in general larceny.

The letter stated that Rajkumar is invited to submit in writing to Williams within seven days of receipt of the letter “any representation that you may wish to make as to why you should not retire from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service at the instance of the Commissioner of Police”.

Williams also pointed out to Rajkumar that a person who retires at the instance of the CoP shall be entitled to all his retirement benefits including gratuity and pension.