Friday, December 8, 2017


T&T facing emergency from lead contamination at Guanapo landfill

Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh

“A scary situation” is facing Trinidad and Tobago with its water system.
The Public Accounts Enterprises (PAEC) Committee was yesterday informed that lead from the Guanapo and other landfills is seeping into the water courses, posing “a potential ecological disaster”.
Solid Waste Management Ltd (SWMCOL) appeared before the PAEC, where its CEO, Ronald Roach, stated that UWI, in October 2014, had conducted an extensive study of the water quality in and around the Guanapo landfill site and had identified lead in the surrounding water courses.
Roach said the report pointed to problems with the leachate (water escaping from the landfill site which contaminates the natural water sources).
Roach said, while the UWI study was only done at Guanapo, there were similar problems of leachate at the Beetham landfill and at the Forres Park landfill.

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