Monday, May 15, 2017

A woman is not a man’s child

We have been witnessing an increase in violence against women in the last few months, which is quite troubling.

What will cause a man to physically harm a woman to the point of slitting her throat is the question many have been asking.

Some have called for stiffer penalties for domestic violence and others are clamouring for the strengthening of laws pertaining to restraining orders.

Men need to understand a few things in relation to women.

Here are a few things men must understand:

• Women are precious and should be treated with respect.

• Women are the ones who carry a child in their womb for nine months and bear the pain in delivering that child at birth.

• A woman is not property that you can own.

• She is not a child, so you can't go about beating her if what she says or does you deem to be “out of timing”.

• She is not a lesser being.

Men need to practise self-control in dealing with their egos.