Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ag CoP Williams proud: 42 murder-free days in POS

says "everything possible with God"

Acting CoP Stephen Williams at Wednesday's Interfaith Service in Port of Spain.

ACTING Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams beamed yesterday that there had been 42 murder-free days in Port of Spain.

According to Express files, from January 1 to February 15 (46 days), there had been a total of four murders (double homicides) in the East Port of Spain and Laventille areas and 42 days were indeed “murder free”.

Williams was delivering the feature address during the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Port of Spain Division's interfaith prayer celebration, held at the Police Training College in St James.

Addressing his charges, both junior and senior, Williams said that amid some of the best efforts of the Police Service, “it has been effectively challenged by violent crime and, by extension, the entire population challenged by violent crime”.

“As an organisation we believe that just mere hard-working and smart-working has not been able to do it for us and we believe that there is necessity for us to put God first, but also to seek the support of our religious leaders as we pursue having divine intervention within out country as we go forward for 2017,” said Williams

He continued that, “in those circumstances we have mandated that the month of February we have an inter-faith service in every one of our nine police division's before Carnival.”

He said that the timing of these services had nothing to do with Carnival but rather these services are being done at this time with a sense of urgency.

He continued that, “we want to let the police know that Trinidad and Tobago is them and we cannot give up hope, we need to be strong in fact very strong in our resolve to ensure that Trinidad and Tobago get the best of the policing service and that we the officers can effectively deliver.”

He then advised the officers to, “continue to work hard and smart and everything is possible with God and if we put God first the aim to make Trinidad and Tobago safe is achievable.”

He added, “yesterday I heard the Snr Supt of the Port of Spain Division highlighting with a level of pride that in 2017 but there have been 42 days murder free and what is significant is that Port of Spain has a history (violence) and that history is actually being reshaped when we look at the 2016 occurrences versus when you look at 2017 occurrences.”

He added, “we need to thank the people of Laventille and surrounding communities for making the difference.”

Ag Commissioner Interviewed:

Following yesterday's interfaith service Ag CoP Williams fielded questions from reporters who asked him about statements made by Former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith who said that more needs to be done for the detection rate to go up and he (Griffith) does not think that this is being addressed.

Williams replied that the detection rate was in the 20% range but he did not have the exact figure.

He continued that, “you all are making Mr Griffith too relevant to the country. Anytime you call for Mr Griffith to comment like he is the saviour for Trinidad and Tobago. So I will not comment on his comment.”

Asked about murders in south Trinidad which reportedly occurred yesterday morning Williams replied that he could not comment on a murder he was not yet appraised of but, “I will give you the assurance that across Trinidad and Tobago the officers are putting in their best. They are working hard and we will in fact prevail over time but the world was not built in a day but there is tremendous progress taking place and progress is not generally highlighted by you all (the media) but we try our best to get it out it there and sometimes it is not printed or published so the one area for which we are effectively challenged it is the area of violent crime and once we address it we will get there to make Trinidad and Tobago a paradise.”