Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Killed for his gold

...truck driver had no enemies says relatives

SAMUEL Rampersad may have been killed for what he knew, and Kern Joseph for what he had. This is the belief of police officers investigating the killings of the two men, who were gunned down in separate incidents in San Fernando on Wednesday.

Rampersad, 44, was a State witness in a kidnapping case which was to be heard in court the day he was killed. He was asleep with five other family members in his home at Coconut Drive, Green Acres, when gunmen kicked open the door. The killers sought out Rampersad who was in a bedroom, and shot him multiple times killing him almost instantly.

The other family members were spared. The killers ran out and escaped.  Homicide detectives said that no suspects had yet been detained in the case.

And truck driver Kern Joseph who was known to wear large amounts of gold jewellery was shot and robbed near his home. Joseph had gone to buy a cup of juice at the Pleasantville Village Plaza and was walking along Parakeet Boulevard when an armed thief shot him in his head.
The killer then pulled off Joseph's gold earrings and chains, and grabbed his wallet as he bled.

Police have obtained closed circuit television footage of the killing and have a description of the killer. Autopsies on both men were expected to be conducted at the Forensic Sciences Centre, St James on Thursday.
Officers of Homicide Region III are investigating.