Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"Most Wanted" suspect captured

...cops allegedly found gun, ammo, weed

Police allegedly found this gun, ammunition and marijuana when the suspect was arrested.

A suspected killer considered by police as the “Most Wanted“ in the Southern Police Division was captured on Sunday.

The 24 year old man, who was wanted for several shootings and homicides in Marabella, was held in Princes Town.

His 26 year old sister was also detained as police suspect that she had been harbouring him. At around 9.20 a.m. Sgt Ramlogan, PCs Mitchell, Mohammed, Ramkissoon and others went to an apartment building at the corner of Tramline and Railway Roads.

The officers confronted the suspect and his sister, and during a search of the premises allegedly found a Beretta pistol loaded with 15 rounds and $11,000 worth of compressed marijuana.

He was arrested and was expected to be charged with possession of the illegal items. He is also expected to be handed over to Homicide Region III officers for questioning on several murder cases.