Thursday, November 9, 2017

Schoolgirl "knocked out" suspended

...along with three others

An image taken from the video recorded by a pupil showing the girl unconscious in a drain.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia is at this time meeting parents of a group of Mayaro Secondary School pupils who were involved in a fight which left a female pupil unconscious last Tuesday.

Garcia is expected to discuss the incident with school officials before meeting parents at the school.

Garcia has been called upon to explain why the 14-year-old pupil who suffered head injuries and was treated at hospital was suspended as a result of the incident.

The teenager's mother said she was disappointed that school officials failed to deal with the matter. And questioned why her daughter was made to apologise to the other girls, although she was the victim.

The teen was suspended for seven days. Three other pupils were also suspended.

The mother claimed her daughter was a victim of bullying and called on the minister to intervene.

She said teachers were aware that her daughter was being threatened at school and refused to act.

The incident occurred near the school after classes were dismissed.

No one intervened in the fracas until the female pupil was dragged out of a drain motionless and placed on the pavement.

It was recorded and posted on social media.

The four minute, 12 second clip was shared multiple times with persons calling for an end to violence in schools.

Police confirmed that a report was made after the teenager was taken to the Mayaro District Hospital for treatment.

Investigators said the pupil was treated and discharged.

The Ministry of Education was contacted.

The video showed about five girls kicking and pounding on the female pupil.

Several other pupils gathered around but did nothing to end the fracas, until the girl was kicked into a nearby drain.

The female pupil was then dragged out of the drain. She appeared motionless.

A passer-by then intervened and took the girl to the district health facility, the Express was told.

Mayaro MP Rushton Paray said he was deeply concerned and disturbed by the incident.