Tuesday, May 16, 2017

There are better ways to replenish our treasury

As a very concerned citizen of our land, I would honestly like to understand why the property tax act was given approval. I know and clearly remember this was a notion passed by Dr Keith Rowley; one in which the people of this country are liable to pay no matter what. Some people are out of jobs in our country. Some people are working for just enough to sustain our homes, bills and families, whereas some people are working several jobs to survive.

This ransom is going to cripple our nation. This ransom is going to have good people turn to other means of getting the relevant monies to pay. Is this what our land and leaders have resolved to do?—making the rich richer and the poor poorer? We now pay a ransom to live on the land that God made and provided for each human being to share and live in abundance equally. This act of ransom by our Government is totally wrong.

We toiled and earned, and now even though we are all going to leave behind all earned, inherited, purchased land in the hands of our maker, we are being forced to pay a ransom?—one that we don't even have the money to pay?

We as working citizens are already paying taxes that are taking care of the criminal elements in jail, and now have to pay a ransom to the Government to live our lives. This act is unfair and unjust.

This ransom seems to be a political ploy for individual seeking their own agenda. This plea is for someone to take a stand for all citizens. This situation is very alarming and is only going to result in further poverty and unnecessary suffering for innocent, hard-working citizens trying to make ends meet.

Please hear this plea for help, not only for myself but for all our nation. For our coat of arms says Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve. Why can't we stand by these words?

There are better ways of making money to replenish our treasury—is this not what our monthly taxes are used for? Also we are very rich in the agriculture department, but no one seems to be paying much attention there. We can become very rich if we cultivate the coffee. Land is also available in abundance.

Are we really blind to notice our own riches and choose to snatch away people's earnings? Or is it that all our tax money goes to the upkeep of prisoners?

We now pry into citizens' honest achievements and inheritance of assets from our forefathers to rebuild what was lost by poor leadership.