Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Missing girl was hiding in the bushes, says mom

...and she was alone

Back home: Salina Sanchez

SIPARIA teenager Salina Sanchez who disappeared two days ago after a trip to a village bakery, apparently didn't go very far. She had been hiding in the bushes behind her house, said her mother.

The girl's mother, Deokie Ramlakhan, said that Salina had been hiding out alone.

But instead of returning to her home yesterday, the girl went to the Penal Police Station.

“I'm not sure why she did it, But I am just very happy that she is back at home, that she is safe”, Ramlakhan told the Express on Thursday. “She got frighten and went straight to the police”.

Ramlakhan made a police report on Tuesday that Salina left the family's home at Branch Trace, Syne Village, around 1.30 p.m. and within minutes could not be found.

She said Salina's brother looked around the village but there was no trace of her.

When the family checked for her at the bakery they realised it was closed that day.

Salina, a pupil of Penal Secondary School, told her father that she was going to the bakery, and told her sister she was going to get a phone card.

The mother said that Salina does not usually walk alone to the bakery, located some 200 feet away, but would be accompanied by a family member.

The family has been searching for the teenager in several areas without success.

Ramlakhan said she has contacted all of her daughter's friends but they did not know of her whereabouts.